The Best Options To Add Color To Your Kitchen

The Best Options To Add Color To Your Kitchen

23.07.2021 Off By Helena

When it comes to redesigning your kitchen, the colour you choose can have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of the space. Light colours can open up a dark room, adding bright, airy vibes, while a darker shade can be moody, dramatic and intimate. With so many options available, narrowing down your options can be a challenge, but getting this right can make a huge difference – especially if you are upgrading your kitchen unit doors. You can find your kitchen units at Kitchenin, but how do you know which colour is best? Read on for our ultimate guide


Warm Neutrals

Neutrals have developed something of an unfair reputation, with many seeing them as ‘safe’ or ‘boring’ options. On the contrary however, choosing a warm, basic neutral offers your kitchen a clean, fresh base, and makes it super easy to find accessories and other items which perfectly complement the shade you choose. Neutral shades can be warmed up with a yellow, orange or red, or given a cool edge with a touch of violet, blue or green – no matter your preference, neutrals offer a sophisticated and simple starting point.



If you want to add a real touch of individuality to your kitchen, red is the perfect option – it is bright, bold and cheerful, and turns a simple kitchen into a serious statement. Red also tends to feel warm and welcoming – perfect if you are a keen social butterfly!



It may seem unusual, but a warm, earthy brown can add an amazing vibe to your kitchen, and the right shade can be mixed and matched with a range of accessories to really bring out the rich tones.



Not one for the faint-hearted – or those with very small children – white can nonetheless offer a show-stopping effect on your kitchen. This is the perfect option to really open up a space, and offer a chic, minimalist vibe which is achingly cool.



Yellows are increasing in popularity – they offer a warm, welcoming vibe, and can be [aired with secondary colours for an elegant look. This is also a great way to achieve that open, airy vibe, while staying away from the ‘clinical’ feel which can come with an all-white aesthetic – many fans prefer the muted, more toned down option.



Grey has long been a popular option, and this is a trend which shows no signs of disappearing. The right gray can be classy, timeless and elegant – just be cautious if your kitchen tends to be dark and gloomy, as gray can exacerbate this.



Once rejected for being too ‘cold’, blue is making a comeback in kitchens across the country; when used correctly, it can offer a vintage, country feel with darker shades, or a moody, dramatic statement with heavy navy blues. If you are a little nervous, why not try blue accents, allowing you to enjoy the style without committing to an entirely blue kitchen – this can be a dramatic change.


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